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DPN or dermatosis papulose nigra

DPN or dermatosis papulose nigra

DPN or dermatosis papulose nigra

this is a condition of the skin which includes many small, benign skin lesions on the face, a condition generally pressing, but not limited to, darker skin individuals.  DPN is extremely common and affects about 30% of the darker skinned population.  treatment is easy and simple and takes mere minutes to clearer more beautiful skin!


couperose syndrome or rosacea/acne rosacea

DPN or dermatosis papulose nigra

DPN or dermatosis papulose nigra

couperose-prone skin is typified, but not limited to, redness, dryness and sensitivity.  the redness is a result of dilated blood vessels which, due to the skins weakened elasticity, expand when there is a rush of blood to the skin but do not contract afterward. this condition can affect just one part of the face (nose) or the whole face.  treatments takes just minutes and some results are seen immediately!


skin tags or soft fibroma

DPN or dermatosis papulose nigra

skin tags or soft fibroma

skin tags?  skin tags!  almost everyone has skin tags!  while harmless (physically) and typically painless, these little annoying and unsightly growths on the skin are just plain annoying!  some skin tag are also painful depending on their size and location.  these can be removed in seconds never to return again!


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